Slants Foundation Board of Director

I've been asked to serve on the Board of Directors for the Slants Foundation.  I've spoken about my time playing lead guitar in The Slants.  During those tours, we'd have long stretches of road to talk about the woes of keeping a day job while on tour and began brainstorming on how we could start a non-profit that could help emerging Asian-American Artists.  Simon, founder of The Slants, was working for several non-profits at the time so he was getting more educated on how to create his own.   Sometime after I parted ways with the band, a few of my bandmates started the Slants Foundation.  Since the formation, they've made huge strides in creating programs to help artists including Grants, Festivals, Conferences, and Workshops.  The board's job is to help fundraise and offer advice and assistance for these artists.

Being asked to join sounded like a good chance to help provide resources for people needing a leg up with their upcoming careers.  Though there were resources around when I was first starting, none of them seemed like they were specifically focused on educating and artist development.  Everything seemed like it was just another paid service that you'd get somebody's half-assed work.   Which leads you down the path of, "To hell with them, I'll do it myself."  Though I think this is a great attitude in general in life -- you do end up spending time learning something that might sidetrack your original goal -- making music maaaaan!

The 2024 submissions are already filled up but this is a resource that could help someone in the next 2025 and beyond sessions so share this article with any Asian American artists looking for some help.  Get on the radar by filling out this form.  Keep an eye on the Foundation, and checkout this link:

If you're interested in making a tax-deductible donation to the non-profit Foundation, touch base with me here.


Much love, your friendly neighborhood Will

Slants Foundation Board of Directors

Current and Past Works Include:

  • AAMV Fest - A free bimonthly music video festival delivered through to highlight some of our community’s brightest stars.

  • Artist Residency & Incubator Program - A comprehensive program to allow artists to have focused time for creation, mentorship/growth, and developing a plan to help make their projects scalable and sustainable. Artists are provided their own home in one of the main hubs for arts and activism in the United States and have unparalleled access to industry leaders.

  • APIA Voice - A National Voter Registration Day event that featured Asian American artists, elected officials, and change-makers to help raise awareness around the census and 2020 election. Our evening event featured nearly two dozen “voices” and helped over 500 people register to vote for the first time.

  • Artist Think Tank - We host a free monthly call that provides opportunities for mentorship and coaching, networking, and collaboration between musicians of Asian Pacific Islander descent.

  • Asian PaCIVICS - A television and radio program that helps foster collaboration between artists and grassroots organizations.

  • Countering Hate with Art - During the COVID-19 crisis, we saw two trends: declining support for the arts and a massive increase in anti-Asian discrimination. We saw that as an opportunity to help fund artists who were creating works that sparked empathy and compassion.

  • DIY Musician Accelerator - We partner with CD Baby to provide a program that includes six months of mentorship, 1000 Digipacks, and distribution. Artists who have completed the program have multiplied their streams/following, secured major endorsement deals, and developed sustainable and scalable strategies for their careers.

  • Fiscal Sponsorship - We help other aspiring nonprofits pursue their work by providing administrative and financial oversight, grant opportunities, and allowing their supporters to receive tax deductions for their contributions.

  • The Troublemaker Scholarship - This former non-academic scholarship helped support unconventional approaches so addressing social issues using art and activism. It included a cash gift of up to $1500 as well as continuous mentoring and network support.

WPM To Judge The Global Asian Creative Awards!

Weeeeell this should be most excellent!  I was asked to be a Music judge for the Global Asian Creative Awards!   There's still time for any Asian filmmakers, screenwriters, artists, musicians, and writers to send out their submissions!  And I shall gloriously judge yoooou! *cue evil laughter*  Well, specifically I'll be judging the music portion.  You can find me under Judge Judgey Judgerson aka Will.

Why You, Will? You shut your beautiful mouth when you talk to me!  In all seriousness, I'm half-Filipino and Scottish and was the lead guitarist for The Slants.  You can read all about it in my band's section.  A number of the members were mixed-race, electro-rock-loving maniacs, with ethnic backgrounds ranging all over Asia and we ran under the WPM The Slants
banner of "The Slants."   The band's legal dispute with the Trademark Office over the usage of the band name "The Slants" gained notoriety as the band took the dispute all the way to the Supreme Court!  It was having pride in our Asian heritage and not letting someone tell us that we can't do something we want just because of being Asian.   So we gave the finger to "the man" all while playing rock n roll.

It was because of The Slants that I felt comfortable leaning into my Filipino heritage and creating The Adarna.

As a musician, I've dedicated my whole adult life to performing, writing, teaching, and producing.  Not to mention, I just loooove talking about it!  So why me?   Wouldn't you want to hear the opinion of someone like that?


31 JULY 2023 - Open for Submissions

31 DECEMBER 2023 - Early Bird Discount Deadline

31 MARCH 2024 - Standard $49 Fee Deadline

31 MAY 2024 - Shortlist Announced

1 JULY 2024 - Winners Announced


Be living in, or have spent more than five years living in, a non-Asian country

- Have at least one parent who is from an Asian country

- Be the lead creator, or one of the lead creators, of the submitted work

- Submit work that was produced within 24 months prior to the submission deadline

- Provide entry submissions, documentation and any related materials requested by the Awards judges

- Pay the correct fee in the appropriate category

- Be over 18 years of age

- Submit work that is predominantly in English

- Ensure that the work you submit is your own, and does not infringe on any rights of others, including copyright trademark, right of privacy, or publicity, and does not require any permission from any third party

For these purposes, “Asia” and “Asian” include Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Myanmar, Pacific Islands excluding Australia/New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam.

A Life Of Sound

January is always such a wild time of year.  It's great to reflect on what has passed and start gearing up for what the new year will bring.  A few particular areas have been blossoming over these last few months.  Death by Overkill (DBO) has set forth on tracking a full-length album called, "Come At Me, Bro."  That project has been refreshing and helped anchor me this past year.  It's been about a year since I put The Adarna's live show on hold.  (It'll come back, I'm sure but other things need focusing on right now.)  DBO is such a great calibration with such down-to-earth and funny people that it is a constant reminder that music is supposed to be fuuuuun!  Not just work, work, work 🙂

Which has taken us down an interesting sonic road.  My bandmate, Jake, built an amazing drum studio at his house which has allowed us to capture some amazing drum tones.  That's the great divider with recording.  Almost anything you can do digitally or with a direct-in but when you get into the big bucks of sound-treated rooms, great mics, DI's, amps, compressors, and a cacophony of gear can hear a noticeable difference!  The balancing of modern recording methods has changed the shape of playing music live and recording even in my time.  It's always really wild to get to mix the two.   I've been doing more producing and recording lately and it was a great learning experience to come back to the roots of playing through great gear.

Nowadays nobody wants to lug around heavy amps, pedal boards, and drum sets so finding lighter options has been a significant part of this past few years.  Enough gear talk though!

Well, maybe a little more...  I've been taking on more sound gigs for the Highsteppers (my wife's band) and Concerts Under the Stars.  Lots of fun styles that it's been great to get to work with.  Really broadens one's palate!

Tinsel Town Mafia had a little debut performance over the winter break.  It was glorious indeedy I must say!  Here's some footage from the performance.  Energies there, just need to get everybody to get their homework down.  Looking forward to that ramping up!  Which has also added to the number of instruments I've decided to partake in for that group.  What originally set out as just a project I would sing in has led to something I'll be on synth & guitar for.    It'll be a fun challenge, I haven't done that before, and will let me put those new piano skills to work!

I've got plenty of goals for 2024 and there's an endless amount of skills to learn so I'm stoked about what's on the horizon and I'll be sharing again soon 🙂



WPM Reunites with The Slants for New Record

Reuniiited and it feeels so goooood!  The Slants reunited to do some farewell performances and release The Band Plays On record.  There's a Spotify link to it on the side of this page.   It was great to see everybody and to work on the songs.  We swapped parts over the internet and exchanged files, leading to the album's completion, which was in true form with The Slants.  A unique quality about this band was that it was heavily based on homework.  I think I only practiced with the band 3 times in 3 years (which included my audition).  Normally we'd fly to whichever anime con or show we were performing at and send a host of odd looks at each other when one of us didn't do the homework correctly.  Not a problem!  We'll get it on the next show 😀


When it came time to do the shows together, we had to figure out how to do the songs with all 4 guitarists at the same time!  It was a pretty wild (and loud) experience.  Thaiphoon and I were the Seattle guitarists who played in the band at the same time, so it was only natural that when it came to writing for the record, we met up at my studio to track our parts for the record.   All in all, it was great to see the guys, especially since we haven't all shared a stage necessarily before.  I replaced the original guitar player, Johnny Fontanilla, so it was neat to share a stage with not only Johnny but also my replacement Joe Xiang on the stage at the same time.   There was a lot of, "ooooh, is that what you were playing?"   


Not sure if that's it for The Slants.  Maybe we'll be like Mötley Crüe who just keeps doing farewell tours over and over. 😀  We are all dispersed throughout the US but hey, we're friends, we're family and I'm always down to do some music with these guys 🙂  Here's to the future!  Feel free to read more about my time with the band on the website.

The Slants Final Performance

Uncharted Territory: Evolving & Growing

So much to share!   The music mentor in me feels the need to remind people that it's never too late to pick up new skills.  I wanted to give an update on my drum journey and share some news about some developments.

DRUMS!  I started out with a midi kit which works well for recording but ultimately it's not the same as an acoustic kit.  I'm very fortunate that Murdock from The Adarna let me use his kit in the off times plus I'm surrounded by so many great drummers who are my friends.  So I got myself my own kit and have been going through upgrading everything as I go.   Things I've come to notice:  I way prefer playing hip-hop & funk beats more than rock beats.  I can see this will change the way I send out demos moving forward.  I put a couple of quick Instagram clips in this post on how things are going.

MORE INSTRUMENTS!  I finally got my first acoustic piano!  I learned about pianos from listening to my brother play.  This was actually a massive part of my musical development.  I found that when it came time to learn music, in general, I was able to move faster because I grew up listening to the melodies my brother played.   I've been playing keyboards and synths on a number of The Adarna's music.  However, playing an acoustic piano is a completely different endeavor.  Generally, as a guitarist you're operating within a couple of octave range, it's wonderful to really spread out chords over 6-7 octaves with the piano.  I think this will be great moving forward with writing!

A fun tip, I didn't have a whole lot of money to throw toward an acoustic piano.  But oftentimes, piano stores also have moving companies in their employ.  Meaning they really need to keep those guys busy so they'll get pianos from auctions or giveaways and fix them up to turn a profit.  You might be able to get a (practically free) piano if you talk to a local piano store about free delivery on the 2nd hand pianos.

Uncharted Territory: WVS Vocal Training Program

THE ADARNA is getting closer to releasing our 4th album.  It's in the mixing process right now which will include the singles "What's Your Name" and "Braver Than Yesterday" we recently released.

TINSEL TOWN MAFIA - I've been keeping this under wraps for some time but I was asked to join my first cover group with some very talented musicians.  Doing covers has never been a strong suit of mine because I always want to mess with them to put my own spin on the songs.  So when an opportunity to put my own spin on songs I already like came about, I had to give it a shot.  Plus I only have to sing!  Woohoo!  Being a multi-instrumentalist is fun but just singing really allows you to focus on your craft, performance, and sweeeeeet stage moves!  We'll be making a more formal announcement but this new group, Tinsel Town Mafia, will be debuting in 2023.

Finally, with my vocal studio, I've decided to build a masterclass called "Uncharted Territory".  I've been thinking about this for some time now but I'm making this more of a priority lately.  I'm noticing more and more that there needs to be this synergy (yay buzz word!) between talent & technology.  A lot of people I have worked with over time get stuck in their ways and aren't willing to learn new skills and technology which leads to stopping a chance to grow!  Just like anything, new more effective ways to train keep coming out.  Technology and equipment are rapidly changing the entire field of music & touring as I've known it. I feel the strong need to evolve with the world as it changes.  This program I'm building is to help address that.



Releasing Muffin Fluff ☆ ReMastered ☆ What’s Your Name


Got that pep in the step again!  I'm very excited that The Adarna released our latest single "What's Your Name" and is available to listen to now!  Soon to follow in January we will be releasing Remastered versions of our debut 2 singles, "Honestly" and "Smell of Gasoline."  In a recent posting on The Adarna's website, I was happy to talk about how much these two songs meant to me not only as a writer but in an effort to start over again fresh with a new band after the fallout of Veritas.  What's Your Name will mark the second recording I've had with my new 6-string samurai, Jake Lord.  The Adarna will, in one way or another, be finishing our next album at the beginning of 2023.

10 Year Anniversary remastering of "Smell of Gasoline" and "Honestly"

In more release news, the band I play bass in, Death by Overkill, will also be releasing our latest single "Muffin Fluff."  This is particularly exciting for me because I got to spread my engineering wings on this song as well as on "Cucumber Ranch."  Engineering really isn't a passion of mine but it's important to better understand the songwriting process and think more about questions like "what does the song call for?" "Is that really necessary or is that overkill?"  "More like Death by Overkill that is," exclaims the stranger in the dark!  I leer at the stranger for beating me to the punchline of a dad joke.   I turn my shoulder away in disgust...mostly at myself for not being quick enough to the punch but also because I realize that I'm having an inner monologue.  Move along Will... move along.

I'm excited about what is coming around the corner in 2023!   I plan on rolling out a producer page on WPM that will talk about some artists I've been working with lately.  I've been working closely with my producer for a number of years and I'm happy to be able to help other people make their music come to fruition.

The Adarna ReMastered

What's Your Name (Single) 2022 by The Adarna

Muffin Fluff by Death by Overkill

ASPJ Fundraiser Success!! #PornJamBabies

Check out how the whole night went down! Watch videos of members of William's bands and a debut drumming performance!

Well, I had a blast at the 19th Annual All-Star Porn Jam 2022!!  The lineup was incredible!  If you're not's an annual fundraiser held at Seattle's oldest saloon, The Central Saloon.   Hundreds of Seattle bands get together and swap members for charity to play covers that not only rooock but help out PAWS (helping out fuzzy friends) & NW Harvest (helping families in need.)  It has become known to some of us reoccurring members as the "musician's company Christmas Party."

It's probably one of my favorite things about Seattle.  Coming from Los Angeles, we didn't have much of a music scene.  Everyone felt very separated and not much collaboration or comradery in the LA Scene.   When I was first introduced to ASPJ in 2008 (later performing in 2009,) my band at the time, Veritas, all participated and man we were hooked!  It feels great to catch up with all the band members performing and see how their passions have been developing.   This year proved particularly difficult because the last 2 years were canceled due to COVID and we were all nervous about how it would go...  it was awesome 🙂

So what's up with the Porn?  A fine question.  I like to think that this is your porn-star team... you're not supposed to make a band with them because that dude is a bad-ass guitar player but he's friggin' nuts!  So for one night only.  We make Porn Jam babies. #PornJamBabies

William Perry Moore Playing Drums

This year I got to really push myself.  One of the great things these events offer is a chance to do other bands' songs that perhaps don't fit your normal instrument or project.   You can see from the video that I was popping around a lot on different instruments.  This actually was my first time playing drums in front of people! Only threw one stick. Whew.  As you can see...I was jacked!  Wipe that smile off your face, William!  Rock is serious!

Another reason I have a great love for this event is that I feel I am obligated to invite new blood in.  I want others to be as excited about this as I am.  Some of the people performing were even my students from WVS!

This year I was proud to invite new bloods and first-time Porn Jammers:

My bandmate's from The Adarna, Jake Lord on 8-string guitar (yikes) & Oliver Spencer on bass as well as Devon from Devilry & Revolution Red on vocals.  I finally tracked down the OTHER Will Moore in Seattle and asked him to play bass on a song for me.

FUN LITTLE TIDBIT:  StayC from Death by Overkill was the first person to let me play bass on one of her songs for ASPJ.  I had such a great time doing it that we broke the rules and created the band, Death by Overkill, from fellow Porn-Jammers Jake Jovanovich & Elliott Nutt.   

Finally, the greatest compliment I could've hoped for happened when some friends and musicians asked if they could cover The Adarna's "Sugar" song at ASPJ.  I know the singer was getting over a cold, but I was very honored to see them pumping up the crowd and giving me a chance to watch my OWN song unfold!  What an experience! Loved it!

All Star Porn Jam 2022 Featuring StayC Moore, William Perry Moore, Jake Jovanovich, Jake Lord, and Elliott Nutt

William Perry Moore singing at All Star Porn Jam 2022

All Star Porn Jam 2022 Featuring: William Perry Moore, Will Moore, Jake Lord, Jake Jovanovich, and Elliott Nutt

Merry Xmas, I Don’t Want To Fight Tonight..

Well here's a fun cover that I got to do with my old bandmates, The Slants. Most of us are living in different parts of the country these days but it was fun to do an online recording with my brothers-in-arms. It was especially a treat because there were members of The Slants that I never got to play with since they were either before or after I left the group.

So without further ado, please enjoy our cover of Ramones "Merry Christmas (I Don't Want To Fight Tonight)."  Performed by Aron Moxley (vocals), Joe X Jiang (keys), Ken Shima (vocals), Simon Tam (bass), Thai Dao (DOUBLE bass), Tyler Chen (vocals), Yuya Matsuda (drums), and yours truly on geeeetar!   Have a great New Year and we'll see you out there!