Releasing Muffin Fluff ☆ ReMastered ☆ What’s Your Name


Got that pep in the step again!  I'm very excited that The Adarna released our latest single "What's Your Name" and is available to listen to now!  Soon to follow in January we will be releasing Remastered versions of our debut 2 singles, "Honestly" and "Smell of Gasoline."  In a recent posting on The Adarna's website, I was happy to talk about how much these two songs meant to me not only as a writer but in an effort to start over again fresh with a new band after the fallout of Veritas.  What's Your Name will mark the second recording I've had with my new 6-string samurai, Jake Lord.  The Adarna will, in one way or another, be finishing our next album at the beginning of 2023.

10 Year Anniversary remastering of "Smell of Gasoline" and "Honestly"

In more release news, the band I play bass in, Death by Overkill, will also be releasing our latest single "Muffin Fluff."  This is particularly exciting for me because I got to spread my engineering wings on this song as well as on "Cucumber Ranch."  Engineering really isn't a passion of mine but it's important to better understand the songwriting process and think more about questions like "what does the song call for?" "Is that really necessary or is that overkill?"  "More like Death by Overkill that is," exclaims the stranger in the dark!  I leer at the stranger for beating me to the punchline of a dad joke.   I turn my shoulder away in disgust...mostly at myself for not being quick enough to the punch but also because I realize that I'm having an inner monologue.  Move along Will... move along.

I'm excited about what is coming around the corner in 2023!   I plan on rolling out a producer page on WPM that will talk about some artists I've been working with lately.  I've been working closely with my producer for a number of years and I'm happy to be able to help other people make their music come to fruition.

The Adarna ReMastered

What's Your Name (Single) 2022 by The Adarna

Muffin Fluff by Death by Overkill