In an effort to be candid with you, the music mentor in me feels the need to break down some basic terms and understandings of this word and maybe offer some basic FAQs (seen on the right). There are many hats that people in the arts are asked to wear (besides being artists) and lines do get a little blurry from person to person. But let's get some basics down so you can better understand expectations and a bargain when you hear one!

I personally have been fortunate enough to be working with producers for the majority of my career. In all of my current and past bands, I have been working with musicians who are very musical and multi-talented people who naturally understand hooks.  Because of the people I've surrounded myself with, created-with, and studied under...  I can offer that experience to others.

I want to stress that a producer/artist relationship must be built upon a foundation of trust.  You are effectively inviting someone who should feel like a bandmate into your art.  Research me and my works and if you still want to move forward, contact me!

This is a playlist of people I've produced and worked with.  All of the artists wrote their own material and as their material releases you'll see more tracks popping up.

William Perry Moore - Musician, Music Mentor, and Producer

Producer FAQs

A producer is not a creator. A producer's goal is to keep your song/ group or songs in line with a bigger picture. They offer an unbiased subjective point of view purely based on the goals you have laid out for them. E.G. Do these groups of songs sound cohesive as an idea? Is this true to your "brand?" Are you reaching beyond or beneath your talent level? The producer also acts as a go-between between the artist and the engineer. They will also help you find other musicians to help with your songs if needed.
Sometimes. They obviously can do what an Engineer can do but they are specialists in working with Artists. In other words, Engineers will not offer opinions on your songs/songwriting/branding etc.
  • You're the Artist. It's your ideas and your say.
  • A Producer is like an objective extra-member who might help you reimagine weaknesses like catchiness, hooks, lyrical gravitas, or reimagining of instruments used. E.G. "Let's try that on a dulcimer or a cello instead of a guitar."
  • An Engineer is your doer. He makes you sound rad at the request of the artist and producer. They often went to school for this and often work for the studio.
  • The Studio. This is the place you track your music at and it's normally a separate rental fee. There will be anywhere from 100K to a million dollars worth of equipment in this room. Obviously, with the rise of technology, home studios are more affordable and you can cut down on that cost. It's every musician's goal to have a home studio. #OoohButtons What's different about a real studio? Normally it's the acoustics of the space, an engineer who knows the room, and thousands of dollar worth of equipment available at your discretion. You don't know what things do, so we have producers. They DO know what things do and they'll suggest amps, swapping out drums, cymbals, microphones, preamps ... the list goes on.
Yes. Absolutely! But I want to be clear so if you meet someone who 1) Is an Engineer 2) That person likes your music and will offer opinions on parts. That individual is dabbling into Producer territory. You may still have to find a studio to work out of. So don't expect to find someone who can do everything. But recognize a great bargain when you hear one 🙂 You may even find someone who: 1) Will produce you. Help develop your ideas and can play instruments. 2) They may even mix your music for you 3) They may have their own bad ass studio and group of musicians they regularly work with to assist you. Just recognize this is a rare breed of multi-talented musician/producer/engineer.
If you find them, yes. Except for the Mastering. Mastering is bringing levels up to where they are radio ready. That process must be handled by a separate studio that is objective. To be clear, a mastering engineer cannot modify parts or individual sounds. They are basically EQing the entirity of the track.
Sounds like fun! If it's something like a jingle or you'd like me to perform on your song that you've written everything for. Here's a general list of rates on Fiverr. If you have something more specific in mind, like writing or developing parts, contact me through Contact Page.