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Slants Foundation Board of Director

I’ve been asked to serve on the Board of Directors for the Slants Foundation.  I’ve spoken about my time playing lead guitar in The Slants.  During those tours, we’d have long stretches of road to talk about the woes of keeping a day job while on tour and began brainstorming on how we could start […]

WPM To Judge The Global Asian Creative Awards!

Weeeeell this should be most excellent!  I was asked to be a Music judge for the Global Asian Creative Awards!   There’s still time for any Asian filmmakers, screenwriters, artists, musicians, and writers to send out their submissions!  And I shall gloriously judge yoooou! *cue evil laughter*  Well, specifically I’ll be judging the music portion.  You […]

A Life Of Sound

January is always such a wild time of year.  It’s great to reflect on what has passed and start gearing up for what the new year will bring.  A few particular areas have been blossoming over these last few months.  Death by Overkill (DBO) has set forth on tracking a full-length album called, “Come At […]

WPM Reunites with The Slants for New Record

Reuniiited and it feeels so goooood!  The Slants reunited to do some farewell performances and release The Band Plays On record.  There’s a Spotify link to it on the side of this page.   It was great to see everybody and to work on the songs.  We swapped parts over the internet and exchanged files, leading […]

Uncharted Territory: Evolving & Growing

So much to share!   The music mentor in me feels the need to remind people that it’s never too late to pick up new skills.  I wanted to give an update on my drum journey and share some news about some developments. DRUMS!  I started out with a midi kit which works well for recording but […]

ASPJ Fundraiser Success!! #PornJamBabies

Check out how the whole night went down! Watch videos of members of William’s bands and a debut drumming performance! Well, I had a blast at the 19th Annual All-Star Porn Jam 2022!!  The lineup was incredible!  If you’re not in-the-know…it’s an annual fundraiser held at Seattle’s oldest saloon, The Central Saloon.   Hundreds of Seattle […]