William Perry Moore Drum Cover of "What If"

Drum Cover of “What If”

Well here's my first attempt at playing and tracking along with a song.  I chose this song, "What If" by Tokio Hotel because it does a lot of grooves that I tend to be drawn towards in electronic music.  I'm using this forum in a way to document progress.  My goal is to share my struggles, achievements, and thought process.  As much as I'd love to only tell you about only the great stuff, I feel I'd do a disservice to future musicians and anybody who is struggling to express themselves.  I ride a fine line of being a music mentor and a performer.  Ultimately, I need to create music and express myself first and foremost but helping others find their musical voicings is extremely rewarding.

That being said, this is where I am playing drums with about 1-2 weeks of practice with a click.  Since I'm already familiar with how to drill myself with other instruments, this seems to be coming to me pretty naturally.   In about a year, I'll either think about venturing into a brass instrument or the cello but I'll shelve that for another time.