I first met The Slants while on tour with Veritas.  Thaiphoon had been chatting with them online via Myspace (yikes!) and arranged for us to join them at Dante's in Portland on a leg of our tour on May 23, 2009.  This was our first tour for Veritas and we were excited to play with a nationally touring act.  In a word, they were "amazing" live.  Fantastic energy and really catchy bombastic songs.  I loved them instantly!

Over the years Thaiphoon stayed in touch with The Slants over the years and Veritas played with them again in Washington.   In early 2010, I left Veritas, and shortly after the rest of Veritas disbanded.   Seamlessly enough, The Slants were on the hunt for a new keyboardist & rhythm guitarist.  They had been speaking with Thai and even though he was primarily a bassist, they recognized that he was a talented seasoned musician and asked him to join the Portland-based band.



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